Emergency Staffing Services



Emergency Staffing Services
Arizona (ESSAz)

The Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association (AzHHA) in collaboration with AdaptiveWFS, an Arizona based company, have established the Emergency Staffing Services program for Arizona (ESSAz). The ESSAz service is designed to help AzHHA members and Arizona healthcare organizations across the state to prepare for, respond to and assist in providing contract healthcare labor during times of emergency.

AdaptiveWFS will supply healthcare providers through a large network of specialized staffing companies that provide clinicians both at the local and national level. These providers are part of a large database of healthcare professionals who can effectively prepare for and respond to emergencies that impact the public’s health. The ESSAz program incorporates people, processes and technology to quickly mobilize various healthcare specialties when needed.

  • An automated, efficient process saves time and money
  • ESSAz, representative is your advocate and single point of contact 
  • We carry the burden of surge staffing; you focus on patients
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